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Adventure tourism

Waterfall Route
In Madre Selva, there are more than twelve waterfalls. In fact we don’t know all of them, because this area is untouched and not all of the waterfalls have easy access. To open new paths, to discover and to explore waterfalls, is a very exciting adventure. Normally, in about three hours time we could visit the ones closest to the lodge. In one day we could visit three or four of the most difficult ones.

We are priveleged to have as a neighbor, D. Liborio, who is a Major of the Quillabama Fire Department. He has a great reputation as an expert in rescue missions. He offers to teach us everything there is to know about rope knotting and strategies, and to be able to handle difficult situations. It’s a safe and handy way to have fun.

Exploration (only for the daring)
Our area of influence for the most part is unexplored. We are located right next to twenty thousand hectares (yes, twenty thousand!) of virgin land, that belongs to the State. This allows us to explore true trekking adventure routes.
 It also allows us to recover the spirit of the old explorers, and to get to know authentic nature and to live emotions usually reserved for the imagination. Holding a Machete in your hand, carrying your mountain equipment, your rain and camping gear, just let go and get lost in the wildness (with GPS equipment and expert guides of the area).

We are going to set a date for the program but it could be subject to change in order to adapt to individual or group needs. A possibility exists to combine various activities.For example, language courses and volunteer activities, excursions and tourist visits. Please visit our packages page >>

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