miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Madre Selva, a found paradise

Traveling throughout Peru is an unforgettable experience. A Country, so rich in variety, beauty and history. The knowledge inherited from the Incas such as the Macchu Picchu complex, their astrological data, etc., the Country's vast nature: the desert, the ocean, the Andes, the jungle, as well as other characteristics make Peru one of the most visited countries in South America.

The Madre Selva (Mother Jungle) Lodge, has been named to honor its location. It is situated in the Department of Cusco in a superb enclave which is part of a secluded Amazonian valley 2000 meters above sea level, with a subtropical climate. It is really, a found paradise.

Even though it is not far from the city of Quillabamba and only about 2 hours away from Machu Picchu which is one of the wonders of the world, it has preserved its integrity. It is one of the few remaining primary forests today.

It possesses a great wildlife diversity: cocks of the rocks, spectacled bears, deers, monkeys, are some of the forest inhabitants who honor us with their presence every once in a while.

The vegetation offers us its beauty as well, with a great variety of trees, plants, flowers and fruits. As a partner to all of this natural beauty you can also find waterfalls which you can visit and enjoy. To bathe in one of these waterfalls is refreshing and rejuvenating to body, mind and spirit alike.

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