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Madre Selva, a found paradise

Traveling throughout Peru is an unforgettable experience. A Country, so rich in variety, beauty and history. The knowledge inherited from the Incas such as the Macchu Picchu complex, their astrological data, etc., the Country's vast nature: the desert, the ocean, the Andes, the jungle, as well as other characteristics make Peru one of the most visited countries in South America.

The Madre Selva (Mother Jungle) Lodge, has been named to honor its location. It is situated in the Department of Cusco in a superb enclave which is part of a secluded Amazonian valley 2000 meters above sea level, with a subtropical climate. It is really, a found paradise.

Even though it is not far from the city of Quillabamba and only about 2 hours away from Machu Picchu which is one of the wonders of the world, it has preserved its integrity. It is one of the few remaining primary forests today.

It possesses a great wildlife diversity: cocks of the rocks, spectacled bears, deers, monkeys, are some of the forest inhabitants who honor us with their presence every once in a while.

The vegetation offers us its beauty as well, with a great variety of trees, plants, flowers and fruits. As a partner to all of this natural beauty you can also find waterfalls which you can visit and enjoy. To bathe in one of these waterfalls is refreshing and rejuvenating to body, mind and spirit alike.

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Travellers and eco tourism

Within the SIRCADIA PROJECT, the Madre Selva Lodge plays an important role in maintaining a live, real contact with the external world with constant interaction through Eco tourism practiced by the travelers who have the chance to visit this wonderful corner of the planet.

The particular beauty of the place with its multiple waterfalls and forests, almost make it a must to take 3 to 4 hour excursions through it, including a bath and ritual for the most daring.

Resident members and collaborators offer visitors multiple possibilities listed below.

Some photos from Madre Selva Lodge

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3 Day quick jungle visit

Quick visit in Madre Selva is a 3 days and 2 nights package at 250 soles ( USD 90 ) per person.

It is designed to those wishing to visit briefly a jungle and stay overnight in our lodge.
Visit waterfalls, take a shower or bath in one or some of them, observe the perfect how nature is, climb trees, walk along paths.....

Departures from Quillabamba on Fridays at 9.00, or contact us if you want to come another day 

Extended stays are also available. 
Can be combined with Ayahuasca ceremonies.

5 Days Work & Travel

Work & Travel in Madre Selva is a 5 days and 3 nights package at 320 Soles ( USD 120 ) per person.

It is designed to those who wish to visit the jungle and come to be a part of it  and also contribute towards the project with getting their hands dirty.

Work in the gardens, kitchen, as a carpintre etc. 
The program consists of 5 hours of work daily and than jungle visits .
The program consists of 5hours work daily , less sundays, and also jungle visits

Extended stays are also available. Can be combined with Ayahuasca ceremony.

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Language courses

English and Spanish courses

We offer intensive language courses
Those need to be booked in advance.


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Adventure tourism

Waterfall Route
In Madre Selva, there are more than twelve waterfalls. In fact we don’t know all of them, because this area is untouched and not all of the waterfalls have easy access. To open new paths, to discover and to explore waterfalls, is a very exciting adventure. Normally, in about three hours time we could visit the ones closest to the lodge. In one day we could visit three or four of the most difficult ones.

We are priveleged to have as a neighbor, D. Liborio, who is a Major of the Quillabama Fire Department. He has a great reputation as an expert in rescue missions. He offers to teach us everything there is to know about rope knotting and strategies, and to be able to handle difficult situations. It’s a safe and handy way to have fun.

Exploration (only for the daring)
Our area of influence for the most part is unexplored. We are located right next to twenty thousand hectares (yes, twenty thousand!) of virgin land, that belongs to the State. This allows us to explore true trekking adventure routes.
 It also allows us to recover the spirit of the old explorers, and to get to know authentic nature and to live emotions usually reserved for the imagination. Holding a Machete in your hand, carrying your mountain equipment, your rain and camping gear, just let go and get lost in the wildness (with GPS equipment and expert guides of the area).

We are going to set a date for the program but it could be subject to change in order to adapt to individual or group needs. A possibility exists to combine various activities.For example, language courses and volunteer activities, excursions and tourist visits. Please visit our packages page >>

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Experimental tourism

Genuine nature travelers, those who seek to experiment the Social and Cultural reality of the region, prefer to cohabitate with the locals. In our case we offer an authentic sense of fraternity and the possibility of cohabitation, and collaborating with us at their own convenience.

It is not only a matter of learning about our diverse daily activities but also they will have the chance to contribute with their own ideas and suggestions in the development of the project. Fortunately we have a great relationship with the neighboring locals, for the most part, early settlers who will be pleased to share their culinary secrets with the travelers.

We have various packages available for those who wish to combine various activities such as langage courses with volunteering or trips to Sacred Valley etc. Please visit our packages page >>

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Mystical tourism

A profound interest in Mystical Tourism in the form of internal self spiritual search, has been detected in Peru within the tourism industry in the last few years, taking advantage of the culture and traditions of the Country as far as the Chamat knowledge goes.

In fact, the coastal areas as much as the mountain range and the jungle as well are geographic areas that have defined the ancestral cultures and traditions in the Country where rituals based in “internal journeys” have been performed by traditional medic masters, also known as “Paco Runas” or”Alto Misayocs”, known today as “Shamans”.

Peru has maintained these traditions and knowledge alive to the point that they have been officially recognized as cultural heritage by the National Institute of Culture (INC).

Ayahuasca is a potion or brew made from the Amazonian power plant which bears the same name. Ceremonies involving this Amazonian potion within the traditional Shamanism, are an important part of the Mystic tourism movement that is taking place in Peru at present time.

Taking part in these ceremonies, is an experience that has great importance as far as an individual’s internal development is concerned.

Within the Madre Selva environment, going through this transcendental experience could add deep meaning to your journey.

The process takes about 6 hours, and it’s best when performed at night.

See our programs with Ayahuasca>>
For more information on Ayahuasca >>

Tobacco is also a master plant within the Amazonian tradition, and it possesses great purifying, and detoxifying qualities. At the psychic and energetic levels, it gets rid of all kinds of anxiety issues and psycho - emotional negativity as well.

Traditionally, it is considered a power plant of great importance.

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See our programs with San Pedro>>


See more details for Tributes and Payments to Pachamama>>

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Bird watching and biodiversity

We have various packages available for those who wish to combine various activities such as langage courses with volunteering or trips to Sacred Valley etc. Please visit our packages page >>

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Health tourism

We also receive tourists coming to Madre Selva for health reasons and simply rest.

Please visit the webpage of our Sircadia Health Project for more details >>

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Volunteering at the Lodge

We have volunteer opportunities for those interested in stying with us for some time helping out in the lodge management, guiding tours including daily tasks such as cooking, washing and cleaning, shopping ect.

We also have volunteer opportunities for those willing to teach english and spanish, as well as working on our organic farm.

See our volunteering programmes here >>

We have various packages available for those who wish to combine various activities such as langage courses with volunteering or trips to Sacred Valley etc. Please visit our packages page >>

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Lodge accomodations

Accommodations are offered in a facility that contains 16 bunk type beds.

The 3 Day / 2 Nights jungle visit package is priced at $90 dollars.

Additional nights of our stay at the lodge are charged at $30,00 dollars per day, which includes room and board

There is no minimum stay.

We do not have eletricity on site at the moment, however we are planning to install solar panels in the near future.


We also offer the possibility to camp on our site.

A proper camping infrastructure is already build .


10 $ per person/day if you bring your own tent
15 $ per person/day if you use a tent of the lodge

10 $ per person/day if you want to eat in the lodge

Visiters also have the posibility to bring and prepare their own food

Types of foods offered

We offer vegetarian foods, as well as fish and cheese.

The diet has been designed by our nutritional professionals and it is perfectly nutritionally balanced based on the right combination of vegetables, cereals and pod vegetables.

A variety of teas and coffees is also provided.

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What to bring

Some usefull items to bring with you:
* hiking shoes
* clothes in case of rain and for cold weather at night
* sleeping bag
* flashlight

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Quillabamba is a small city located about 175 kilometers from Cusco ( a 6 hour trip by bus), and 125 km away from Machu Picchu.

Quillabamba is the capital of the Province of “La Convencion”, and the main access to the project.

To get to our location you must take a vehicle for about 1 hour from Quillabamba, and then you must hike for a period of about 2 hours.

Please get in touch with us in order for a pickup in Quillabamba to be arranged.
Here are instructions how to arrive to Quillabamba >>


e-mail: sircadiafarm@gmail.com

HQ phone numbers:

00 51 - (0)84 202200

Mobile phones:
00 51 - (0)84 984 796 013 (Gabi)
00 51 - (0)84 984 221 415 (Albert)

Madreselva (distrito de Sta Ana) - Quillabamba, provincia de La Convención en el Departamento de Cusco.

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